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Rent-A-Maid Cleaning SERVICES

Serving the South Florida Area Since 2010. We enjoy giving people that "push start" into organizing clutter, cleaning an apartment or home. There's a sense of satisfaction that you get when you come home to a clean house after an exhausting day at work. We want all our customers to feel this wonderful feeling; so we dedicate our time and unmatched service to make you feel "A MAID'S TOUCH". 



I would give SIX stars if I could!!!!

"I'm a busy mom and I'm always on the go so naturally my house is a little chaotic, so when my husband told me that my in laws were coming to town for the weekend I panicked! I asked one of my girlfriends if she knew of a good cleaning service, that's when she referred me to Maids Touch. I called them that same day and made an appointment for the following Friday. When they arrived they were really friendly and energetic and I could really see that they love what they do. After they were done my house was SPOTLESS to say the least. I even got a compliment on how clean the house was from my mother in law!! I will definitely use them again!" Micheal Ramos

"Service took a little extra time longer than quoted but the job was done great ." Bianca R.

Carrie J.

"A maids touch was fantastic! The house was quite a disaster as our renter had just moved out and didn't clean. A maids touch came and the place looked brand new when they were finished! Highly recommend a maids touch!"

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